Night Swim
Spain title: La piscina
Greek title: Στοιχειωμένα νερά
Russian title: Проклятые воды
Original title: Night Swim
Alternative titles:
Baignade nocturne | Wishing Well | Aguas siniestras
Horror movie – USA, United Kingdom, Australia
Production year: 2023
Movie length: 98 minutes
Director: Bryce McGuire
Writer: Bryce McGuire, Rod Blackhurst
Cinematograph: Charlie Sarroff
Music: Mark Korven
Night Swim
Movie description:
A family moves into a new home, unaware that a dark secret from the house’s past will unleash a malevolent force in the backyard pool.
Forced into early retirement by a degenerative illness, former baseball player Ray Waller moves into a new house with his wife and two children. He hopes that the backyard swimming pool will be fun for the kids and provide physical therapy for himself. However, a dark secret from the home’s past soon unleashes a malevolent force that drags the family into the depths of inescapable terror.
Boy Actors
Gavin Warren
(Elliot Waller)
Birthday: 17.04.2008

Age of the actor:
approximately 15 years old
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