Adventures of Red Ryder
Немецкое название: The Adventures of Red Ryder
Испанскийназвание: Las aventuras del jinete rojo
Оригинальное название: Adventures of Red Ryder
Western –
Производственный год: 1940
Продолжительность фильма: 205 минут
Режиссура: John English, William Witney
Сценарист: Fred Harman, Franklin Adreon (Franklyn Adreon), Ronald Davidson, Norman S. Hall, Barney A. Sarecky, Sol Shor
Оператор: William Nobles
Композитор: Cy Feuer, William Lava, Paul Sawtell
The Adventures of Red Ryder
Краткое содержание:
Mesquite banker Calvin Drake plans to profit from the Santa Fe Railroad’s acquisition of right-of-way by gaining control of the land in the territory. In the ensuing war of intimidation against the ranchers, Ira Withers is killed and Red Ryder and his father, Colonel Tom Ryder, form an organization to drive the gunmen and outlaws out of the territory. Colonel Ryder is killed by One-Eye Chapin and Red vows vengeance. Sheriff Dade is in league with the Drake faction, including Ace Hanlon. The Duchess, Red’s aunt, is about to lose her ranch. Red learns of a plan to dynamite a dam providing the water supply, and saves Beth Andrews, daughter of the former sheriff, Luke Andrews who was also murdered by Drake’s men.
Мальчик Актеры
Tommy Cook
(Little Beaver)
День рождения: 05.07.1930

Возраст актёра:
около 10 лет
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