Stanley’s Tiffin Box (Stanley Ka Dabba)
Γερμανικά Τίτλος: Stanleys Lunchbox
Ρωσική τίτλος: Стэнли
Πρωτότυπος τίτλος: Stanley Ka Dabba
Παραλλαγές εναλλακτικών τίτλων:
Stanley’s Lunchbox | Stanley’s lunchbox | Завтрак для Стэнли
Komödie – Indien
Έτος παραγωγής: 2010
Διάρκεια: 96 λεπτά
(2 ψηφοφορίες)
Σκηνοθεσία: Amole Gupte
Σεναριογράφος: Amole Gupte
Κάμερα: Amol Gole
Μουσική: Hitesh Sonik
Stanleys Lunchbox
»Stanley Ka Dabba« is about a boy named Stanley who actually doesn’t have a dabba. So during the school break, he dips into the Tiffin boxes of his many friends. But this irks the Hindi teacher Verma, who forbids Stanley from coming to school without food. Verma does this because he himself is a sweaty glutton who devours everything in sight. But Stanley and his friends successfully outwit their teacher.

Stanley and his friends would have a great time at school but for a bunch of surly – and greedy – teachers who insist on sharing their Tiffin. Life becomes even more difficult when the Hindi teacher forces Stanley to get his own Tiffin box – something he never does – or stop coming to school. Can young Stanley meet the challenge? More importantly, why doesn’t he bring his dabba?

Stanley studies in an all-boys Holy Family High School in Andheri East, Mumbai. While his class-mates bring their very own Tiffin-boxes, Stanley does not do so on the pretext that his mother is away, and shares food with Aman Mehra and others much to the chagrin of the Hindi Teacher, Babubhai Verma, who not only cajoles fellow-teachers, but virtually forces children, to share their food with him. With extra classes being imposed on both students and teachers, and the recess-breaks being doubled, parents are also forced to pack more food in lunch-boxes. When students evade Babubhai and continue sharing food with Stanley, he calls the latter aside and warns him that he cannot attend school until and unless he brings his own food. Watch what impact this has on Stanley, teachers, and his class-mates.
Αγόρι ηθοποιούς
Partho A. Gupte
(Stanley Fernandes)
Γέννηση: 2001

Ηλικία του ηθοποιού:
περίπου 9 χρόνια
Numaan Sheikh
(Aman Mehra)
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