Mr. Long (Ryu san – ミスター・ロン)
Titre russe : Мистер Лонг
Titre original : Ryu san – ミスター・ロン
Titres alternatifs :
Mr Long
Drame – Le Japon, Hong-Kong, La Chine, Taiwan, Allemagne
Année de production : 2016
Durée du film : 129 minutes
Réalisateur : Sabu (Hiroki Tanaka | Hiroyuki Tanaka)
Livre : Sabu (Hiroki Tanaka | Hiroyuki Tanaka)
Caméra : Koichi Furuya
Musique : Junichi Matsumoto
Mr. Long
Description du film :
Professional hitman Long takes on an assignment in Japan. When things go awry, he has to flee. Badly injured, he takes refuge in a deserted part of a small town. A young boy brings him water and clothing. Long installs himself in one of the dilapidated houses where he prepares simple meals for the eight-year-old Jun. Jun’s mother Lily is a drug addict and, like Long, comes from Taiwan. The news of Long’s tasty cooking quickly spreads throughout the neighbourhood, and Long’s neighbours organise a mobile food stall for him. Soon, people are queuing up for Long’s noodle soup. Lily manages to kick her habit with Long’s help and, for a while, it looks as though this could mark the beginning of a new life for this community which fate has thrown together.
The search for a way out of a spiral of violence, for a quiet life and emotional security are topics that pervade Japanese director Sabu’s oeuvre. Seamlessly stringing together the rugged vernacular of gangster films with the tender moments of a burgeoning love story, his new work combines perfectly choreographed outbreaks of violence with contemplative cooking scenes and surprising moments of slapstick comedy.
Garçons acteurs
Run-yin Bai
(Jun, 8 ans)
Année de naissance : 2009

L’âge de l’acteur :
d’environ 7 ans
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De grands acteurs garçons, à mi-chemin du divertissement !
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