Furia ciega (Blind Fury)
Alemania título: Blinde Wut
Francés título: Vengeance aveugle
Griego título: Τυφλός Σαμουράι
Rusia título: Слепая ярость
Título original: Blind Fury
Título alternativas:
Blint raseri | Fúria Cega | Furia cieca | Furia ciega | Silmitön raivo | Slepa furia | Tyflos samurai | Τυφλος Σαμουραι
Drama – Estados Unidos de América
Año de producción: 1988
Duración: 80 minutos
(16 votos emitidos)
Dirección: Phillip Noyce
Guionista: Charles Robert Carner, Ryozo Kasahara
Fotografía: Don Burgess
Música: J. Peter Robinson
Furia ciega
DVD vom Fernsehen Nick Parker was a Vietnam vet who got blinded during the war. He would be found by one of the local tribes. They would teach how to handle a sword. He would eventually become quite good with it. He would then return to the States and would visit an old Army buddy. When he gets there, he discovers that he and his wife are divorced. What they don’t know is that he (his friend) was playing in a crooked casino in Vegas, and accumulated a large debt. The owner’s willing to forget his debt, if he does something for him. His friend is a chemist and they want him to make some designer drugs, and in order to make sure he does it they try and kidnap his son. But lucky Nick is there, Nick saves his son but not his wife. He and the boy begin a road trip for Vegas to save his father, with the owner’s people in pursuit.
Chicos actores
Brandon Call
(Billy Devereaux)
Fecha de nacimiento: 17.11.1976

Edad del actor:
sobre 11 año
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