Series: By Way of the Stars
German title: Der lange Weg des Lukas B.
Original title: By Way of the Stars
Alternative titles:
De avontuurlijke reis van Lukas B.
Youth series – Canada, Germany
Produktionsjahr: 1992
By Way of the Stars
Movie description:
Spring, 1865. The last spring in the childhood of Lukas Bienmann. Nothing forebodes the calamities about to befall the 13-year-old boy and his family in the peaceful town of Liebenberg, Prussia. Nature awakens to new life, and Lukas is happy, for his mother is about to give birth to her second child, and Lukas’ grandfather, Brunneck, is coming from Canada for the event.
Boy Actors
Zachary Bennett
(Lukas Bienmann)
Birthday: 17.02.1980

6 parts
Birthday: 04.03.1976

2 parts
1 Part
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