Dead End
German title: Sackgasse – Im Schatten der Wolkenkratzer
Francaise title: Rue sans issue
Spain title: Calle sin salida
Greek title: Δρόμος χωρίς διέξοδο
Russian title: Тупик
Original title: Dead End
Alternative titles:
Dead End: Cradle of Crime / Callejón sin salida / Dromos horis diexodo / Δρομος χωρις διεξοδο / La rue sans issue
Drama – USA
Production year: 1937
Movie length: 85 minutes
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Director: William Wyler
Writer: Lillian Hellman, Sidney Kingsley
Cinematograph: Gregg Toland
Music: Alfred Newman
Dead End
Movie description:
Original-DVD The Dead End Kids are introduced in their intricate East Side slum, overlooked by the apartments of the rich. Their antics, some funny, some vicious, alternate with subplots: unemployed architect Dave is torn between Drina, sweet but equally poor, and Kay, a rich man’s mistress; gangster Baby Face Martin returns to his old neighborhood and finds that nobody is glad to see him. Then violent crime, both juvenile and adult, impacts the neighborhood and its people.
Boy Actors
Billy Halop
(Tommy Gordon)
Birthday: 11.02.1920
Day of death: 09.11.1976
Age of the actor:
approximately 17 years old
Birthday: 01.04.1923
Day of death: 10.09.1965
Age of the actor:
approximately 14 years old
Bernard Punsly
(Milton »Milty«)
Birthday: 11.07.1923
Day of death: 20.01.2004
Age of the actor:
approximately 14 years old
Charles Peck
(Philip Griswald)
Birthday: 03.04.1922
Year of death: 1994
Age of the actor:
approximately 15 years old
Birthday: 02.07.1928

Age of the actor:
approximately 9 years old
Year of birth: 1921
Day of death: 25.07.1973
Age of the actor:
approximately 16 years old
Birthday: 14.01.1929

Age of the actor:
approximately 8 years old
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