Erik of het klein insectenboek
German title: Erik im Land der Insekten
Russian title: Эрик в стране насекомых
Original title: Erik of het klein insectenboek
Fantasy movie – Belgium, Germany, Netherlands
Production year: 2004
Movie length: 90 minutes
(10 votes cast)
Director: Gidi van Liempd
Writer: Godfried Bomans, Cecilie Levy, Gidi van Liempd
Cinematograph: Hein Groot
Music: Ellert Driessen
Erik of het klein insectenboek
Movie description:
Original-DVD Eric has to give a show-and-tell at school, but he can’t decide on a subject. His grandfather introduces him to a wonderland of lost objects in the coach house of his farm, and shows him a magical school poster of a field full of insects. Staying the night with his grandfather, Eric leaves his bed and goes to look at the poster again. He finds himself drawn into the land of insects. Being tiny himself now, he lives amongst the insects for one night.
Boy Actors
Jasper Oldenhof
(Erik Pusteblume, 10 years old)
Birthday: 04.11.1991

Age of the actor:
approximately 12 years old
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