The 14
German title: Die Vierzehn
Francaise title: Le 14
Russian title: Четырнадцать
Original title: The 14
Alternative titles:
The Fourteen | The Wild Little Bunch | Existence
Family drama – United Kingdom
Production year: 1972
Movie length: 102 minutes
Director: David Hemmings
Writer: Roland Starke
Cinematograph: Ousama Rawi
Music: Kenny Clayton
The 14
Movie description:
DVD von VHS Following the death of his mother, seventeen year old Reg struggles to hold his family of twelve brothers and one sister together. The latter and the two littlest boys are quickly placed into foster care, but Reg certainly has his hands full trying to make and maintain a home for the rest of them.
Funny, sad and memorable. A true story which ended up impacting Britain’s child welfare system.

A British tear-jerker that tells the sad tale of a large family of 14 kids who suddenly become or-phans and must face eventual separation. While the children battle against the overzealous social workers who want to ship them into reform schools and foster homes, they are cared for by the oldest brother and his girlfriend who serve as surrogate parents. The brothers and sisters eventually realize that the best and safest thing to do is split up, with the family members going their separate ways.
David Hemmings directed his second film with »The Fourteen«, and it’s a fine, well-balanced movie that manages to tug at the heartstrings without wallowing in overly sentimental mawkishness.
Boy Actors
Birthday: 02.08.1958

Age of the actor:
approximately 13 years old
Paul Daly
Sean Hyde
Wayne Dyer
Year of birth: 1962

Age of the actor:
approximately 10 years old
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