Closet Monster
Francaise title: Un monstre dans le placard
Spain title: El Monstruo del Armario
Russian title: Монстр в шкафу
Original title: Closet Monster
Youth drama – Canada
Production year: 2015
Movie length: 86 minutes
Director: Stephen Dunn
Writer: Stephen Dunn
Cinematograph: Bobby Shore
Music: Maya Postepski, Todor Kobakov
Closet Monster
Movie description:
Oscar Madly is an imaginative ’only-child’ in St. John, Newfoundland, whose closest friend is a pet hamster named Buffy. If his life wasn’t challenging enough being caught in the middle of his parents’ turbulent divorce, Oscar is viciously catapulted into adulthood when his father teaches him about a shocking hate-crime involving a young gay man. Fearing that he too might be gay, Oscar is driven to suppress his femininity. But when Oscar comes of age, his resistance to his sexuality weakens as he forms a tenuous friendship with a tattooed co-worker from Montreal who opens his eyes to a whole world of new possibilities. However, as Oscar begins to reclaim his identity, he experiences confusing sexual fantasies about his new friend that are fueled by fear. When Oscar finally confronts and triumphs against the fear instilled by his father, the result is an explosive spectacle of human empowerment unlike anything Oscar could have ever expected.

Oscar is a teenager still affected by two traumatic events from his childhood: witnessing the brutal attack of a gay boy and his parents’ bitter separation. An imaginative loner, Oscar enjoys creating theatrical make-up with his best friend Gemma, with whom he has an ambiguous relationship. They both dream of moving to New York, where Oscar hopes to study cinematographic make-up. Oscar’s confident is Buffy, a pet hamster his parents gave him when he was a still child. One day, he finds a dull job at a local hardware store and meets Wilder, an enigmatic and charming boy who instantly catches his eye. From then on, his life gets even more complicated as Oscar tries to define his identity and his purpose in life, while his relationship with his dad deteriorates.
Boy Actors
Jack Fulton
(Oscar Madly, 9 years old)
Birthday: 12.01.2006

Age of the actor:
approximately 9 years old
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