Clickety-Clack (Dô desu ka den – どですかでん – 武満徹)
German title: Dodeskaden – Menschen im Abseits
Francaise title: Dodes’caden
Spain title: Dodes’ka-den
Greek title: Η Γειτονιά των Καταφρονεμένων
Russian title: Под стук трамвайных колес
Original title: Dô desu ka den – どですかでん – 武満徹
Alternative titles:
Dodesukaden | Додескаден
Episodic film – Japan
Production year: 1970
Movie length: 244 minutes
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Director: Akira Kurosawa
Writer: Akira Kurosawa, Hideo Orguni, Shinobu Hashimoto, Shugoro Yamamoto
Cinematograph: Yasumichi Fukuzawa, Takao Saitō
Music: TōruTakemitsu
Movie description:
Episodes from the lives of a group of Tokyo slum-dwellers: Rokkuchan, a retarded boy who brings meaning and routine to his life by driving an imaginary streetcar; children who support their parents by scrounging or by tedious and ill-paying endeavours; schemers who plot or dream of escaping the shackles of poverty.

By turns tragic and transcendent, Akira Kurosawa’s film follows the daily lives of a group of people barely scraping by in a slum on the outskirts of Tokyo. Yet as desperate as their circumstances are, each of them – the homeless father and son envisioning their dream house; the young woman abused by her uncle; the boy who imagines himself a trolley conductor – finds reasons to carry on. The unforgettable »Dodes’ka-den« was made at a tumultuous moment in Ku-rosawa’s life. And all of his hopes, fears, and artistic passion are on fervent display in this, his gloriously shot first colour film.
Boy Actors
Hiroyuki Kawase
(Beggar’s Son)
Birthday: 20.07.1964

Age of the actor:
approximately 6 years old
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