Mein Freund, das Ekel
Original title: Mein Freund, das Ekel
Comedy – Deutschland
Production year: 2018
Movie length: 90 minutes
Director: Marco Petry
Writer: Franziska An der Gassen, Franziska Buch, Marco Petry
Cinematograph: Gerhard Schirlo
Music: Paul Eisenach
Mein Freund, das Ekel
Movie description:
Olaf Hintz, a retired teacher who loves only himself, needs care as he sits in a wheelchair. The nurse, the single parent Trixi has several jobs to complete and gives the care to her three children. Chaos is on.
Boy Actors
Lior Kudrjawizki
(Sean Kuntze)
Year of birth: 2009

Age of the actor:
approximately 9 years old
More informations
This film was registered by scherzino into the movie list!
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This movie/series is good for nothing!
The boy actors are very nice, but otherwise scrap!
Super boy actors, halfway nice entertainment!
Good looking and good playing boy actors, good action!
All in this movie/series is well-rounded, the boy actors, the action, all!

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