Legend of the White Horse (Biały smok)
German title: Der weiße Drache
Francaise title: Le Secret du dragon blanc
Spain title: La leyenda del caballo blanco
Russian title: Легенда о белом драконе
Original title: Biały smok
Alternative titles:
Hüter des Drachens | White Horse, Dark Dragon
Adventure movie – Poland, USA
Production year: 1985
Movie length: 89 minutes
Director: Jerzy Domaradzki, Janusz Morgenstern
Writer: Robert Fleet (Robert C. Fleet)
Cinematograph: Ryszard Lenczewski
Music: Janusz Stoklosa
Legend of the White Horse
Movie description:
A satire of Cold War politics, where Red bureaucrats meet U.S. corporate greed, and a witch and a dragon.
Boy Actors
Stephan Szpak-Fleet
(Steve Martin)
Birthday: 25.04.1979

Age of the actor:
approximately 6 years old
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