Queen of Spades – Through the Looking Glass (Пиковая дама: Зазеркалье)
Spain title: Reflejos siniestros
Russian title: Пиковая дама: Зазеркалье
Original title: Пиковая дама: Зазеркалье
Horror movie – Russia
Production year: 2018
Movie length: 83 minutes
Director: Aleksandr Domogarov (Александр Домогаров),
Writer: Oleg Sirotkin (Олег Сироткин), Maria Ogneva (Мария Огнева),
Cinematograph: Aleksey Strelov (Алексей Стрелов),
Music: Sergei Stern (Сергей Штерн),
Queen of Spades – Through the Looking Glass
Movie description:
The sinister ghost of the Queen of Spades is again thirsty for blood, and this time its victims are the pupils of the boarding school, located in an old mansion, shrouded in gloomy rumors. Entertaining each other horror stories about the murders of children who were committed in this house in the nineteenth century, teenagers find in the abandoned wing of the building a mysterious mirror covered with mysterious drawings. For fun, the students spend in front of this mirror the mystical rite of calling the spirit of the Queen of Spades and make the most intimate desires, hoping that the ghost will fulfill them. The jokers are unaware that their own souls will be the price to pay for each whim to come, and that the Queen of Spades will not rest until they get them all.
Boy Actors
Birthday: 17.04.2008

Age of the actor:
approximately 10 years old
Birthday: 11.03.2009

Age of the actor:
approximately 9 years old
Birthday: 16.02.2008

Age of the actor:
approximately 10 years old
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