John and the Hole
German title: Das Versteck
Francaise title: Le Monde de John
Spain title: John y el hoyo
Greek title: Ο Τζον και η τρύπα
Russian title: Джон и дыра
Original title: John and the Hole
Alternative titles:
John und die Grube
Horror movie – USA
Production year: 2020
Director: Pascual Sisto
Writer: Nicolás Giacobone
Cinematograph: Paul Ozgur
Music: Caterina Barbieri
John and the Hole
Movie description:
A coming-of-age psychological thriller that plays out the unsettling reality of a boy who holds his family captive in a hole in the ground.
Boy Actors
Charlie Shotwell
(John, 13 years old)
Birthday: 17.07.2007

Age of the actor:
approximately 13 years old
Year of birth: 2005

Age of the actor:
approximately 15 years old
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