The Audition (Das Vorspiel)
Francaise title: L’audition
Spain title: La audición
Greek title: Η ακρόαση
Russian title: Прослушивание
Original title: Das Vorspiel
Alternative titles:
Prélude | Vorspielen
Drama – Germany, France
Production year: 2019
Movie length: 99 minutes
Director: Ina Weisse
Writer: Daphne Charizani, Ina Weisse
Cinematograph: Judith Kaufmann
The Audition
Movie description:
Anna Bronsky is a violin teacher at the Conservatoire. Against the advice of her colleagues, she imposes the admission of a pupil, in whom she sees a great talent. With a lot of involvement, she prepares Alexander for the end-of-year exam and neglects her young son Jonas, who is also a violinist and ice hockey fan. She moves away more and more from her husband, so fond of him, the French »luthier« Philippe Bronsky. At the approach of audition, Anna pushes Alexander towards performances more and more exceptional. The decisive day, an accident occurs, heavy consequence.
Boy Actors
Ilja Monti
(Alexander Paraskevas)
Serafin Mishiev
(Jonas Bronsky)
Year of birth: 2006

Age of the actor:
approximately 13 years old
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