The Seven Little Foys
German title: Komödiantenkinder
Francaise title: Mes sept petits chenapans
Spain title: Mis siete hijos
Greek title: Επτά μικροί διάβολοι
Russian title: Семеро маленьких Фоев
Original title: The Seven Little Foys
Alternative titles:
Epta mikroi diavoloi
Comedy – USA
Production year: 1954
Movie length: 93 minutes
Director: Melville Shavelson
Writer: Melville Shavelson, Jack Rose
Cinematograph: John F. Warren
Music: Joseph J. Lilley
The Seven Little Foys
Movie description:
After the young wife of vaudevillian Eddie Foy passes away, he incorporates their seven children into the act and takes it on the road.
Boy Actors
Billy Gray
(Bryan Lincoln Foy)
Birthday: 13.01.1938

Age of the actor:
approximately 16 years old
Lee Erickson
(Charley Foy)
Birthday: 18.05.1948

Age of the actor:
approximately 6 years old
Paul De Rolf
(Richard Foy)
Birthday: 06.12.1942
Day of death: 22.06.2017
Age of the actor:
approximately 11 years old
Jimmy Baird
(Eddie Foy Jr.)
Birthday: 05.11.1945

Age of the actor:
approximately 8 years old
Tommy Duran
(Irving Foy)
Birthday: 03.08.1947

Age of the actor:
approximately 6 years old
Jerry Mathers
(Bryan Lincoln Foy, 5 years old)
Birthday: 02.06.1948

Age of the actor:
approximately 6 years old
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