Mountain Miracle: An Unexpected Friendship (Amelie rennt)
Russian title: Амели бежит
Original title: Amelie rennt
Alternative titles:
Il viaggio di Amelie | Alpenbrennen
Youth comedy – Germany, Italy
Production year: 2016
Movie length: 90 minutes
Director: Tobias Wiemann
Writer: Natja Brunckhorst, Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen
Cinematograph: Martin Schlecht
Music: Tobias Kuhn
Mountain Miracle: An Unexpected Friendship
Movie description:
A girl struggling with asthma is taken to a clinic in South Tyrol to be cured. After some time she decides to get out of this hell (that’s how she feels about it) and soon she’ll meet a new friend. Together they try to reach the peak of a mountain where, according to an old custom, she can be healed.
Boy Actors
Leo Seppi
Year of birth: 2004

Age of the actor:
approximately 12 years old
More informations
This film was registered by Heiner into the movie list!
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This movie/series is good for nothing!
The boy actors are very nice, but otherwise scrap!
Super boy actors, halfway nice entertainment!
Good looking and good playing boy actors, good action!
All in this movie/series is well-rounded, the boy actors, the action, all!

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