The Big L Hotel (Hotel de grote L)
German title: Allein unter Schwestern – Ein turbulenter Sommer im Hotel Big L.
Russian title: Фантастический семейный отель
Original title: Hotel de grote L
Alternative titles:
The Fantastic Family Hotel | Hotel de große L | Allein unter Schwestern – Ein turbulenter Sommer im Hotel the Big L
Family comedy – Netherlands
Production year: 2016
Movie length: 85 minutes
Director: Ineke Houtman
Writer: Sjoerd Kuyper
Cinematograph: Piotr Kukla
Music: Vincent van Warmerdam
The Big L Hotel
Movie description:
Original-Blu-Ray The story is about the 13-year-old boy Kos. His mother passed away and after his father ended up in the hospital, Kos must run the family hotel together with his three sisters. Kos tries to take the lead, but the cooperation with his sisters is quite hard. He doesn’t understand anything about girls as hard as he tries. Around Isabel, the girl he’s in love with, he also doesn’t know how to act. Kos does everything he can to save the hotel, but when the creditors come asking for their money, everything seems lost.
Boy Actors
Julian Ras
(Kos, 13 years old)
Birthday: 24.04.2001

Age of the actor:
approximately 15 years old
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