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Dustin Voigt
Alternative Namen: Dustin Voigt

Geburtstag: 18.03.1980

Dustin Voigt has been filmmaking since he was 9 years-old. Although his passion has always been directing, he spent 10 years in front of the cameras as an actor. He worked both in film and television, however, his main interest lies in film. After graduating from John Burroughs High in Burbank, California, he continued on to UCLA Extention where he received "Best Short Film" award in 1998 for "The Attic". Since that time he has made one full length feature and 5 short films. He will be graduating at L.A Film School in February 2002, majoring in Directing and he will be premiering both his pre-thesis film "Flipside" and his film "1000 Words" in January 2002. Dustin has respect for other directors and their work, some of his most admired are Oliver Stone, 'Stephen Spielberg' and Ridley Scott. His goal is to create films that move his audience emotionally and entertain them telling a great story.
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