Il piccolo Lord
Titres allemands: Der kleine Lord
Titres russes: Маленький лорд
Titre d’original: Il piccolo Lord
Film littéraire – Allemagne, Italie
Année de production: 1994
Longueur de film: 89 minutes
(8 abgegebene Stimmen)
Réalisation: Gianfranco Albano
Scénariste: Sergio Donati, Lorenzo Donati
Image: Franco Lecca
Musique: Carlo Siliotto
Il piccolo Lord
Description du film:
DVD vom Fernsehen Eleven-year-old Christian lives with his Italian mother Gioia Coccio in comparative poverty on the island of Ischia. His German father died during a rescue attempt before he was born. The friendly boy has a carefree upbringing until the day he is discovered by his grandfather Carl Schneibel (Mario Adorf), a rich industrialist whom he has never met. Since the lonely old man is looking for an heir, he decides to bring up Christian himself and provide him with a decent education, despite the fact that he and his son had hardly ever been on speaking terms. This is also the reason why he decides not to invite Gioia to his estate in the alps. Gioia agrees to send her son to his grandfather in Germany for the holidays, because she wants nothing to stand in the way, of her child’s happiness. Thanks to his engaging, lovable manner, Christian finally manages to win over the embittered Carl. Gioia, however, remains hard and intractable towards Carl. It is only the intervention of Frau Klara, Carl’s kind-hearted housekeeper, that the family is finally reconciled.
Garçons acteurs
Francesco De Pasquale
(Christian Coccio, 11 ans)
Plus d’informations
Ce film a été enregistré par les Heiner dans la liste de film!
Evaluer ce filmFilm bewerten:
Ce film est la ferraille!
Les sont des garçon acteurs très gentil, sinon la ferraille!
Les superbes garçon acteurs, au bout du divertissement gentil!
Bon et bien l’aspect de jeu des garçon acteurs, une bonne action!
Dans ce film/serie tout simplement vrai, les garçon acteurs, l’acte, tout!

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