Sechs auf einen Streich (12): Rumpelstilzchen
Titres russes: Румпельштильцхен
Titre d’original: Rumpelstilzchen
Alternative Titelvarianten:
Sechs auf einen Streich: Rumpelstilzchen | Sechs auf einen Streich – Rumpelstilzchen
Conte filmé – Allemagne
Année de production: 2009
Longueur de film: 60 minutes
Réalisation: Ulrich König
Scénariste: Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm, David Ungureit
Image: Ludwig Franz
Musique: Andreas Weidinger, Christoph Zirngibl
Description du film:
King Gustav’s crown prince Moritz, an avid hunter refusing to pick a suitable bride, only has an instant crush on an unidentified fresh girl he meets while she stops him from shooting a deer. It’s miller Gisbert’s headstrong daughter Lisa. Overheard from the castle bragging absurdly is daughter can do anything, even spin gold from straw, the miller must either accept punishment for lies or prove his words. Lis is locked up in a castle tower with straw and a spinning wheel, desperate the task is impossible, hence doomed. At night appears a measly character, who offers to do it for her heirloom necklace. As the king demands more, threatening the miller’s while family, Rumpelstilzchen returns, setting as price her last heirloom, mothers’ ring. The king demanding even more, his price rises to her firstborn. Prince Moritz discovered she’s his wood flame, but is locked up. However the king catches a gold allergy and passes the crown to his son, who marries Lisa and has a son himself a year later. Rumpelstilzchen demands delivery, granting a last chance to keep the baby prince: is she guesses his name within a day.
Garçons acteurs
Max Zydeck
(Müllerssohn Hannes)
Plus d’informations
Ce film a été enregistré par les Heiner dans la liste de film!
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Ce film est la ferraille!
Les sont des garçon acteurs très gentil, sinon la ferraille!
Les superbes garçon acteurs, au bout du divertissement gentil!
Bon et bien l’aspect de jeu des garçon acteurs, une bonne action!
Dans ce film/serie tout simplement vrai, les garçon acteurs, l’acte, tout!

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