La misión (The Mission)
Alemania título: Mission
Francés título: La mission
Griego título: Η αποστολή
Rusia título: Миссия
Título original: The Mission
Título alternativas:
A Missão | A Misszió | Linnake | La Misión | Misja | Die Mission | I apostoli | Η αποστολη
Tragödie – Estados Unidos de América
Año de producción: 1985
Duración: 125 minutos
(14 votos emitidos)
Dirección: Roland Joffé
Guionista: Robert Bolt
Fotografía: Chris Menges
Música: Ennio Morricone
La misión
Original-Blu-Ray Father Gabriel ascends the mountains of Brazil to bring christianity to the natives. He is successful and brings about a golden age among them. Mendoza, a slaver, kills his brother in a fit of rage, and only Fr. Gabriel’s guidance prevents his suicide. Gabriel brings Mendoza to work at his mission with the natives, and Mendoza finds peace and asks to become a priest. The church, under pressure, cedes the land to the Portuguese which will allow slavers in again. Mendoza breaks his vows and organizes the natives to resist while Gabriel warns him to help them as a priest.

Set in 16th century South America »The mission« tells the story of an Indian tribe, which take refuge in a Jesuitic mission, run by father Gabriel, in order to avoid being sold as slaves. But when the missions aren’t in the interest of rulers Spain and Portugal, the church decides to close them and want the priests to leave the territory. The priests refuse and troops are sent to chase the Indians back into the jungle. The Indians are willing to put up a fight and under the command of slave trader-turned-priest Mendoza (Robert De Niro) they defend themselves. Meanwhile father Gabriel takes care of the women and children.
Chicos actores
Bercelio Moya
Luis Carlos Gonzalez
(singender Indianerjunge)
Más información
Esta película fue grabada por Heiner en la lista de película!
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